Engagement Announcement Email

Engagement announcement email is used for informing the people about your engagement. Here, a person openly tells his friends about the engagement and ask them to pray for his prosperous life.

You must make a list of all the people you wish to inform and make sure that you have email addresses of all of them.

In the first paragraph, you must tell the name of person with whom you got engaged. Do not forget to mention if she was your family member, a friend or a closed one.

In the second paragraph, you must provide the reader with the specifics of when the engagement was held and where it took place.

In the third paragraph of the email, you should ask the recipient to tell the rest of the friends about your email or if you are going to held any celebration party for your engagement.


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    Sample of Engagement Announcement Email

    To: john@gmail.com

    Subject: Engagement Announcement Email

    Dear John,

    I am pleased to tell you that I got engaged with Caroline yesterday. She is my cousin and this all happened all of a sudden so I was unable to tell you yesterday.

    It was a family function, held at my home and closed relatives were present. The engagement took place at 6pm and we look forward to meeting you.

    I know you will be pleased by now, but please forward this message to rest of the friends. We are going to plan a celebration party, so be ready, I will keep you informed.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jemima Rogers

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    Template of Engagement Announcement Email

    To: [email address of the person]

    Subject: Engagement Announcement Email

    Dear [name of the person],

    I am sending this email to inform you about my engagement with [name of your fiancée], which took place yesterday on 6pm at [name of the place].

    My fiancée is my cousin and with the blessing of God, the function went extremely well. The date for wedding has not been decided yet but I will let you know the moment such plan is made.

    I am very contented to have told you this news and I would like you to inform others. Not to mention, that we are going to plan a celebration party for our engagement, thus it would make this easier for us to host the event.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your name]

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