Farewell Letter to Colleagues

Writing a farewell letter to colleagues when you are leaving an organisation is something positive and professional. In this letter, you can express your feelings for your co-workers and also can show your gratitude to them.

Since farewells involve emotions and feelings, you need to express everything while writing this letter. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a certain word count. Therefore, write about certain people who meant a lot to you and events which you can never forget. Moreover, you can also say thank you to your organization and colleagues for how they have helped you out.

Here you are going to find out how to write a farewell letter to colleagues as we have provided you with a sample letter and a template.

Tips to Write Farewell Letter to Colleagues

  • Write in detail
  • Talk about people, places and events which you remember
  • You can use an informal tone


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    Sample of Farewell Letter to Colleagues

    January 10, 2013

    Michael Fletcher
    Assistant Manager
    Evans Corporation
    451 Central Avenue, CA 08063

    Dear All,
    It is time to say goodbye to all of you as this is my last day in this organisation, Evans Corporation. I shall be joining Ovax Technologies from next week as a Senior Manager.

    However, after spending ten years in this organisation, it is very hard for me to leave this place and all of you. But, sometimes one has to take decisions in order to keep the ball rolling.

    Before leaving this organisation, I would like to take this opportunity to say you thanks for all of your support and respect for this prolonged period. You have been a source of constant inspiration for me that enabled me to learn a lot in this organisation. I also want to make an apology if I offended any of you in this period. I shall miss all of you.

    I wish a successful professional life and a prosperous future for all of you.

    Stay in touch via phone on 909-777-3333 or via email at Michael.fletcher@gmail.com.

    Best regards,

    Michael Fletcher

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    Template of Farewell Letter to Colleagues


    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation/Position]
    [Company Name]
    [Phone Number]
    [Email Address]

    Dear colleagues,
    As you know that I am leaving this organization [Company Name] and shall be joining another company [Company Name] as [Designation Name] in a few days.

    I find it very difficult to say you goodbye as it is very difficult to separate myself from this place and from all of you. But, I have no other choice and have to move now.

    However, I want to take this opportunity to show my gratitude for this organisation and for all of you. You have been a constant source of motivation for me over the last ten years [Write Exact Duration] while working in this organisation, [Company Name].

    Please stay in touch via email on [Write Email Address] or via phone at [Writer Phone Number].

    Best Regards,

    [Your Name]

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