Farewell Letter to High School Students

A farewell letter to high school students is usually written by a teacher who is leaving them to join another college or university.

Since farewells are emotional, they remind you of certain places, events and people. Write about such things and make sure that you you add details to everything. Your letter should remind the people about certain times when you were together with them.

If you don’t know how to write a farewell letter to high school students, scroll down and read our template and sample.

Tips to Write Farewell Letter to High School Students

  • Maintain a professional and formal tone
  • Be concise and try to sum up all details
  • Be mindful of grammatical and spelling mistakes


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    Sample of Farewell Letter to High School Students


    High School Students
    Moonlight High School,
    470 Rose Garden square, CA 80609

    Dear students,

    Through this farewell letter I want to tell you that I shall be leaving Moonlight High School in a few days. I have got another job and will be teaching for Barkley College from the next week.

    However, before leaving Moonlight High School, I want to tell you that you have so much importance for me. You have been a part of my life for many years and I have learnt a lot from you as well. I have been trying my best to teach you in the best possible manner.

    I also wish that you complete your education and make me and your parents proud. You have got the talent and by doing hard work you can achieve anything in life. Keep doing the good work and I shall also stay in contact with all of you people.

    If you have any problem, contact me on my phone number, 0900-999-3322.

    Best regards,

    John Smith
    Senior Teacher
    Moonlight High School

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    Template of Farewell Letter to High School Students


    [High School Students]
    [School Name]
    [Postal Address]

    Dear [students/all],

    Many of you know that I am leaving this school [School Name] as I have got a job at [College Name]. I shall be leaving this place in a couple of days.

    However, before leaving this school [School Name], I want to share my feelings with you. I want to say you that it is very difficult for me to leave all of you but I have no other choice.

    I have tried my best to teach you in the best way. I also want to thank you for giving me so much respect just like you do to your parents. I advise you to keep working hard in the similar manner and complete your education.

    I shall miss you at the [College Name]. If you feel any problem then contact me via phone on [Write Phone Number].

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]
    [Current School Name]

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