Find out What Men Think Is the Perfect Body

It is quite natural for a human to look good in an effort to attract the opposite gender. However, women are more inclined to have that tendency and most of them regularly try to make out what men think is a perfect body. With men, who are not very expressive or lack communication skills, it becomes even harder for women to know what they can do to be more appealing.

Some women think that men define a perfect body as the one which possesses ideal breasts, legs and abs. However, this is not true all the time because everyone has his own perception about a perfect body and it can be completely different than what a woman thinks.


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    Skin remains one of the most important features of a woman’s body. Even if you are not as gorgeous but your skin is shiny and smooth, men will surely find you very attractive. Whether a man consciously thinks that or not but he does get attracted towards neat and clean skin.

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    Hands and feet

    Most of the men consider hands and feet to be an integral part of a perfect body. If you have beautiful hands and feet, you will surely leave a very good impression on a man. Therefore, you should regularly have a nice manicure and pedicure.

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    Most men love a girl’s behind. If you have attractive butts, you need to find a nice pair of jeans to catch the attention of men around you. In order to shape and lift your behind, you must do certain exercises in the gym.

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    Men are universally attracted to a nicely shaped bosom. It remains a mystery as to which is the ideal size because everyone has different preferences. Whatever your size, you should just work hard to make them more attractive. However, you should avoid showing deep cleavage in public gatherings.

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    Thighs & tummy

    On a beach, women have to expose their legs and tummy. Every man thinks about these two parts as a crucial component of a perfect body. If you have a reasonable diet and you work out regularly, there is no reason why you cannot achieve a beautiful tummy and shapely legs.

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