Find a relationship with great ease

Do you have a crush on someone? Or maybe you are just finding it hard to get into a relationship? Believe it or not a very high majority of people go through the exact same problem but with simple steps you can boost your chances to get into a relationship with great ease – keep reading below as we break it down for you exclusively on Step by Step:


  • 1

    Keep yourself available

    It’s completely normal to feel shy however with time you will understand things that make you feel more comfortable for example many people tend to smile a lot more when they’re shy, it usually helps there shy level decrease.

  • 2

    Don’t keep quiet and don’t over talk either

    Keep it in the middle, nobody likes someone that doesn’t speak at all as you come across as a boring person – just think about it would you want your partner to sit there quiet all day long and speak very little? No fun right? If you find it difficult speaking you can simply look up news, certain gossips in the celebrity world, fashion etc. so you know exactly the topics you want to speak about for the day.

  • 3

    Give them the Green light

    Without sounding too desperate, give a hint of flirting with the person obviously do not force yourself you must assess the situation; if you feel the person is open as well and expecting some flirting then go for it. Once you get some answers back see the body language of the person as well as what they are saying back and you should know where you stand.

  • 4

    If you’re a guy – she is expecting you to make the first move

    Usually men make the first move after you have spoken to the person for a length of time where you feel comfortable go ahead and crack the question, ask them out and just to calm down any nerves think in your head “you got nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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