How to Have a First Date at Home

If you have a first date with someone special coming up, you might be wondering how to plan and arrange it. The truth is that first dates are all about knowing each other better and trying to connect on similar interests. If you are thinking that an expensive dinner is going to impress your date, you might have to reconsider. For youngsters, a good first date can be had at home, where you can take the opportunity to show the other person how you live and what your interests are. Keep reading this article if you want to have a first date at home.


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    First of all you need to clean up your place, especially your living room, where you will be spending most of the time. Nothing gives out a good impression like a clean place and you don’t want to show your date that you are irresponsible. While you don’t need to make everything shine, just make sure nothing unpleasant is lying around and everything is organized the way it should be.

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    Now you need to think about entertaining your date. Depending on the time you have invited him/her you will need to think about the food, drinks and your own clothing. If you are planning to spend the evening together, you might want to dress accordingly and plan up a dinner date. On the other hand, if you are inviting your date during the day, you will have to arrange for lunch or supper.

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    After taking care of food you will need to plan up fun activities to keep your date engaged. The point is to show your date around the house and then settle down in your living room for some fun games and activities.

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    You can get a couple of movies so that your date can choose one to watch with you. If you know your date’s preferences you can get something he/she will like, but if you don’t, then sticking to comedy is often a safe bet.

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    If you want to play games, you can get a few popular board games like scrabble or get a deck of cards. Monopoly is also a good idea, but you should generally refrain from exceedingly long games which can turn boring soon.

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    Going through a music collection or favorite songs can also be a fun activity, where you can play a song from your playlist and then let your date pick a song for you to listen. This way both of you can sample each other’s interests and strike up conversations.

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