Fun Painting Ideas for Kids

Arts can play a vital role in a child’s life. Children can learn leadership and it also encourages discipline. Arts can be used to explicit the inner feelings such as happiness, anger, sadness, likes and many other feelings of the children which they find difficult to express. Kids can express their feelings by painting, singing or writing and can also manage their anger in a non-violent way by taking it out on a sheet of paper or through a musical instrument. Painting is one of the most favourite art forms among kids. Painting is a peaceful way to keep children busy and teach them coordination, team building, competing and also appreciating each other’s talent. There are many ways to bring a white boring paper sheet to life. It broadens the horizons of a child’s thought process.


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    First most important thing is to choose not only Eco-friendly colours but also kids-friendly colours. Certain types of colours can cause harm to children as it is difficult to stop children from eating them. Kids-friendly colours can be very safe for the children to play with.

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    You can either ask your child to express their feelings or imaginations by using colours of their choice or simply give them ideas such as asking them to draw you a fish or tree. Such challenges excite children and keep them glued to the given task.

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    You can teach your child different and new techniques daily. Painting can never be boring as there are thousands of things to paint with. A brush is not the only instrument for painting. Vegetables, fruits and flowers can be used to draw exciting new shapes. Potatoes, apples, cauliflower, sunflowers are commonly used for the purpose; just dip them into the colour of your kids’ choice and start the fun.

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    Sponge dipped into different colours can make an amazing design on a chart sheet tapping it on the paper to get the design of your choice.

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    Another way is to paint with pasta and spaghetti as they are found in different shapes so they are easy to use, all you have to do is just to tell your kid about the shape they want to draw.

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    If you have nothing available from the above mentioned tools for fun painting, still you don’t need to worry as you always have natural tools with you which are by far the best to use. They are your kid’s foot or hand. Children love to mess with colours and this idea allows them to do whatever they can with the colours of their choice.  Foot can be used to paint a flower, penguin and so on. Similarly, there are many things to draw with hands too, like trees, caterpillars etc.

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    Last but not the least, never forget to appreciate your child and encourage them to do more as much as you can. Appreciation always increases the confidence of a child.

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