Look Up at the Sky Day Overview

There are times when you don’t want to move a muscle out of the bed, particularly if you’ve been grilled by your boss a day earlier. If you have the same story, then today 12th of April, is the right day for you to take a day off from work and relax at home as it is observed as Look Up at the Sky Day. You can either take complete rest at home on this day or go out and stand under the sky to observe the beauty of nature. It can prove to be even more soothing if the weather is pleasant, which it normally is during the month of April, with the spring season at peak. Like most other events, there is also a background behind Look Up at the Sky Day.


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    History and Origin

    It is believed that the day is to commemorate the first flight taken by man into space, but nothing authentic is available about the origin of this day. However, the day has been celebrated for many years and there are certain documents in support of its existence. Besides, it is also thought that the day is observed to welcome the summer season as this is the end of spring season.

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    Observance as a National Day

    In some countries Look Up at the Sky Day or 12th of April is referred to as a National day, but there are hardly any congressional records or presidential proclamations supporting it. Nevertheless, it should still be celebrated with all the possible pomp and show.

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    Celebrating Look Up at the Sky Day

    The purpose of celebrating this day is nothing but to relax and spend some good time with family and friends with a day taken off from work. The celebration may start a night before, and can continue till the next night. For more information about celebrating Look Up at the Sky Day, kindly visit How to Celebrate Look Up at the Sky Day.

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