Hardship letter to mortgage company

If you have borrowed some money from a mortgage company and you are unable to pay it back in time then a hardship letter to mortgage company is your best bet. This petition is your one and probably the only chance to explain your financial condition and request a loan adjustment plan. That’s why you should write it tactfully but briefly as most of the financial company officials do not have time to read a lengthy and perverse letter.

In the opening paragraph of your letter, you should come to the point straight away and request the other party for bit relaxation. Give complete details of your due amount and date.

Use second paragraph to tell your lender the reasons that made you unable to pay the instalments/ loan.

You will make your addressee realise in the third paragraph that you are capable of paying back your loan in the near future. Show the other party a bright side of the picture and request to help on humanitarian grounds.

Close your letter with proper greetings.


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    Sample of Hardship Letter to mortgage company:

    Jimmy Simon,
    Loan Number: 67013,
    420 Hill View,
    Pearl Harbour – 547913

    July 23, 2011.

    Mr. Andrew White,
    Credit Manager,
    Fair Mortgage Co.
    21Park View,
    Pearl Harbour – 746901,

    Dear Mr. White,

    This letter is to seek help from you for a loan adjustment plan that will support me to get my mortgage payments back on track with an affordable set of instalments. This loan of $ 21500 was scheduled to be paid back before the end of June but some unforeseen and unfortunate events made me unable to follow the schedule.

    At first, I lost my job and then the ailment of my daughter enhanced the trouble. I had to spend most of my savings and that resulted in my inability to clear my debt in time.

    However, things are getting better now as one of the leading construction companies has offered me a job as surveyor. I will be able to start making full payments soon but I need a loan modification plan for next few months. We have been living in this house for last ten years and I request you to put yourself in our position and try to help.

    We thank you for any effort you can make.


    Jimmy Simon.

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    Template of Hardship Letter to mortgage company:

    [Your Name],
    [Loan Number],
    [City and Postal code],


    [Receiver’s Name]
    [Company’s Name]
    [City and Postal Code]

    [Dear Mr. / Mrs. (last name of the recipient)],

    This letter is to request a loan adjustment plan as this favour will help me to pay my mortgage instalments easily. This loan of [put exact amount] was scheduled to be paid back before [due date of the loan] but some unfortunate incidents made this impossible for me.

    This series of ill-timed incidents include [give your reasons for delay]. That’s why I need a loan modification plan for next few months.

    However, I assure you that I will start following the regular set of instalments. Kindly review my petition with full kindness.

    Thanks for the time you will spare.


    [Your Name].

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