How to Add Computer Skills in a Cover Letter

Cover letters are essential part of every CV (curriculum vitae), but when it comes to jobs that require some extra skills from an interested candidate, they become even more important to you.

In today’s job market, most companies use computers to carry out different tasks like record keeping, finance, marketing, sales, correspondence, designing, advertising, etc. So, the employers like to hire people with computer skills—no matter what the job description is. Jobs related to computer field definitely require in-depth skills, but even employees working outdoor are expected to know basic computer skills like Word, Excel or Outlook for correspondence.

So, if you are confronted with a similar situation, and have found a job vacancy related to your field, a surefire cover letter that mentions your computer skills is a must.


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    Read the job description/understand the advertisement

    Always go through the job description of the position you are applying for. Understanding the job description and the advertisement is the key to the whole process. Your cover letter should be designed with the vacancy in mind, so it is important that you are able to analyze the advertisement, and make the correct deductions from it.

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    Mention skills according to Job title

    Do not mention your computer skills in the first paragraph if the job title is about another field (other than computer). For example, a position for sales assistant will be assessed on how much experience you have in the field of sales, not computer. Most advertisements of jobs clearly mention the job title as well without going into details of the job description.. This will give you an idea of how the company sees it. If the company has asked for specialties in the field other than your core job experience, then you should know that the letter must include computer skills.

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    Mention computer skills right after your core skills

    It is wise to mention your computer skills right after your core skills. Since, most of the positions today require computer skills, the employer wants to know if the potential employee is capable of carrying out different tasks of the job that are not possible without the use of computer. For instance, a sales assistant should be well versed in using Microsoft Excel and sales tracking sheets (both by using software and MS Excel). In such jobs, computer skills become crucial. So, mention all these skills briefly right after you explain your core job skills (whatever that may be).

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