How to Advertise Your Business for Free

A lot of big companies and organisations set aside millions of dollars every year for advertising and marketing purposes. They make use of top public relations firms to develop marketing strategies and improve their image on a regular basis. Usually these corporations buy expensive Super Bowl ads, purchase space in magazines and hire planes to promote their name in cities or sporting events. On the other hand, small businesses cannot afford this luxury and have restricted advertising budgets. Even in this case, there are several ways to advertise your company without spending any money. Make sure you follow a few instructions in order to advertise your business for free.


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    Getting started

    Make customer service policies and processes. Also, provide training to the staff on the significance of customer satisfaction. This improves the repute of the business by spreading good word of mouth. If the clients and customers are satisfied, then the business will definitely do well. If the repute is top notch, the customers will advise others about the product or your company to their family members and friends. In this way, if you are offering quality services, the business will grow even further which in turn will create a brand providing both satisfaction and quality.

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    Advertise on free advertising site

    Market your product or business free of cost on a free classified advertising website or Craigslist. Make sure you know that there will be competitors with a number of ads and the advertising space will be limited but free. In addition to this, use free directory web pages like the Yellow Pages to promote your business or product. Remember to make free profiles for your business on LinkedIn, Facebook and social media websites. This is a free advertising platform and you can put pictures in order to create customer testimonials.

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    Make a site on Google

    Another way to market or advertise your business is to create a site on Google. List the services and products, directions, operating hours, etc. Also, put in two for one offers, discounts for referrals and downloadable coupons. Be sure to add links to related or similar sites and reference materials supporting the advantages of buying your products. Lastly, remember to encourage customers to register for a free e-newsletter when they visit the site.

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