How to Amend a Corporation Tax Return

A corporation tax is the amount levied on corporations by a particular state for operating their businesses and earning profit. The percentage of tax varies from state to state. In some states, the tax proportion is considerably high while the case is otherwise in some ad corporations who often operate on easy terms in such states.

Almost every state requires the corporation to self assess tax on their tax return while in some cases, government takes the responsibility of assessing the tax return. It is often observed that the corporations miscalculate tax return, whether deliberately or unintentionally, and then they have to file a request to make amendments in their tax return.

Be certain that tax return can only be filed after you have submitted your actual tax return. If you want to make amends, you will have to obtain the required form from IRS. Remember that, you cannot amend a corporation tax without any logical reason and whatever the case may be, you would have to give proper reasoning for the amendment.

It is important that you check your financial information because if you fail to make the necessary amends in your tax return, it will add to the tax liability of your corporation. Once you have identified the problem, filing for amendment will not be a problem.


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    Obtain the form 1120 and 1120s from the website of U.S. Corporation Income Tax return. After the form is downloaded, enter the new and accurate information and check the ‘Amend Return’ box. Fill in all the required information very carefully and to the best of your knowledge as otherwise you can be held liable.

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    With this form, do not forget to attach all the supporting forms that are necessary for making amends.

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    You should attach the placeholder form, which is compulsory for some specific businesses. Those companies who are also operating their business in overseas will have to attach this form.

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    After all the forms are downloaded, you should give details of all the items you are requesting to amend. There are two ways to do this, you can either attach the form 1120X or you can give written explanation in the form of a PDF file.

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    After all the particulars are filled in properly, you should sign the form.

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    You will also be required to add the forms of your corporate taxes.

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