How To Apply a Chemical Peel

Chemical peel application is an effective cosmetic procedure used to treat marks left behind from acne, dull skin and sun damage. During this process a chemical solution is applied to the face skin that peels off the top, damaged layers of the skin leaving behind smooth, younger and healthy looking skin. This treatment also reduces your skin’s risk of developing a cancer as the chemical peels in the process also remove precancerous cells on the skin.

A chemical peel can do wonders on your skin; it helps you reduce acne and fine lines giving your face skin an overall healthy glow. These peels can be quite expensive to get done at a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office, however now you can buy your own kit of less potent chemical peels that are cheaper in cost but offer similar results.

Things Required

– Gentle Face Wash
– Peel
– Peel Deactivator
– Crystal bowl
– Soft face brushes
– Ponytail
– Headband


  • 1

    Prepare yourself for the chemical peel treatment. Tie back long hair using a ponytail holder and pull hair back from your face with a headband.

  • 2

    Wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap before touching your face as bacteria and dirt on the hands block your skin pores causing skin allergies and spots.

  • 3

    Cleanse your face thoroughly, removing oil and sebaceous secretions from your skin.

  • 4

    Specific formulations and concentration of acids are used in manufacturing different types of chemical peels, so read all instructions carefully before applying the chemical peel solution on your face to make sure that solution is chosen according to your skin type.

  • 5

    Using soft face brush or cotton tipped applicator, apply an even coat of the solution to the skin. Start from the less sensitive areas, forehead, chin and cheeks.

  • 6

    After applying the solution leave it on your skin for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer.

  • 7

    Remove the peel and neutralize it using the neutralizing solution present in your kit. This will stop the chemical reaction on your skin. If your kit does not contain a neutralizer, that means that the chemical peel solution would stop working as soon as it is washed and an additional neutralizer is not needed.

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