How to Apply an Insulating Film

With the global energy crisis giving us all worry lines, it is very important to keep energy losses around us minimal. Not only does it help conserve the rapidly depleting energy sources, it also drives down your personal costs for both heating and air conditioning. One way to insulate is to cover your windows with a film that will cover up cracks and leaks and save up your costs.The process is a really easy one and the benefits are paramount. There is no harm in doing something constructive on a lazy afternoon. Join us in the energy saving mission.

Things Required:

– Glass cleaner
– Scissors
– Utility knife
– Window insulation film
– Tape measure
– Double sided tape
– Hair dryer


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    Clean up Window:

    Before starting to work, it is very important that you remove all forms of debris from your window sill. Also clean up your glass using a cleaner. Use a vacuum to swallow the dust or a rag to wipe it off. Alcohol swabs can also be used to clean the window. Let the window dry before installation.

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    Measurement and cutting:

    Use a tape measure to determine the size of your window. Open up the film roll and cut it according to the measurements, with an excess of two inches on each side. You can use a utility knife or scissors for this purpose. However, the surface where you cut should be lint and hair free and your hands should be clean.

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    Tape the Frame:

    Window insulation kit contains an adhesion tape. Run the two sided tape around the Ā front face of the internal frameĀ length of your window. This tape helps adhere the film to the frame. Cover the frame borders fully and overlap wherever necessary for maximum adhesion. Press down on the tape using a kitchen paper towels.

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    Install Film:

    Remove the front backing from the tape to expose the adhesive. Attach the film to the tape while stretching it taut. Press it into the tape. When you have attached it, trim the edges using scissors for neater look.

    To remove wrinkles from the film, hold a hair dryer at a distance of one inch and cover the whole surface of the film. It will erase the wrinkles. However, do not keep it too long at one point as the plastic film can melt easily.

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