How To Apply Bronzer for Skin Glow

Want a warm and healthy sun kissed glow on your face and neck but are afraid of the negative effects of UV rays on your skin? Try using a bronzer. There are many alternatives to an ultraviolet tan, like lotions and sprays, but a bronzer is the best option if you want to give your face a sun-kissed complexion. With bronzers you can enjoy that coveted tanned look all through the year, including in the winter time.

Bronzers come both in cream and powder form. Cream is best for dry skin, while powder works well for oily. You need to very careful when applying a bronzer to your face, as an uneven or excessive application of this product can make you face look dirty or fake.

Things Required:

– Powder bronzer (loose or pressed)
– Makeup sponge
– Large powder brush
– Small buffer brush


  • 1

    First look in to the different brands of bronzers that are available in the market. You will find a huge selection of various products with different prices. There are many mainstream and some exclusive designer type bronzers that are also available. Be sure that you get a bronzer that is suitable for you skin as well as your wallet. Most department stores have salespeople that are knowledgeable of bronzer, so be sure to ask questions if you need help deciding which type or brand of bronzer is right for you.

    Always use bronzer after first applying foundation and blush on your face.

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    Swirl a rounded top wide, powder brush across the surface of the bronzer, tapping off any extra powder from your brush. Take your time while doing this so that you get a nice smooth layer of powder on the brush.

    Note: If using loose powder, dip your brush into the container.

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    Starting from your cheekbones, apply the bronzer just like you would blush. Apply the bronzing powder in clockwise direction, starting from the centre of your cheeks and then applying it towards the ends. Try to put on an even coat and make sure it is spread evenly. Try not to overdo it as you do not want to look funny with a massive amount of bronzer on your face.

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    Apply a light coating of the powder onto your forehead, on both sides of your nose and under the lower lip. This gives your nose a pointed look and makes your lips appear larger. Take your time to make sure that you get a nice light coat all over so that it looks even and smooth.

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    Apply the bronzing powder at your jaw line and under the chin in a circular motion. Make sure that you apply this bronzing powder under some light so that you can see your jaw line properly.

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    You can also apply it to your neck and surrounding areas to give it an even and natural look. Be careful while putting bronzer on your neck as you do not want to put on too much powder so that you can get a clean fresh look which is smooth with your face.

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    If you have a dry skin, then go for a cream bronzer, but make sure that you exfoliate your skin before applying the bronzer. After exfoliating your skin, apply it using a sponge or tips of your fingers. Blend it well into your skin until you get a natural look. Apply the cream bronzer to other areas as well, just like a powder bronzer is used, but not too heavily. The purpose of applying a bronzer is to tan the complexion of skin finely, so you should choose the one that suits your skin tone.

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