How To Apply Drag Queen Eye Makeup

Every human wants to look impressive and presentable. However, women are more conscious about their beauty and have several options at their disposal to enhance their image. Women have been applying makeup since centuries and just like every other thing in this world, the art of applying makeup has also evolved and latest methods are now used to make the women more attractive.

Makeup is among the most important elements of a drag. Drag queen makeup creates new elements and features on the face which a drag queen may not actually have and also flatters it. This kind of makeup is applied to make the eye crease stand out even under strong lights, which are usually witnessed on a stage.


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    Choose the colours

    In order to properly apply the drag queen eye makeup, you need to choose the right colours. Rich and daring colours do go along well with such makeup. You need to keep in mind that drag queen makeup is not about subtlety, in fact, it allows you to stand out. Therefore, you should have at least two colours which complement each other through contrast. For example, if you go for blue colour, then you need to search for the brightest blue.

    If you are using blue as the eye makeup palette, then you can go for a minimum of one brown coloured shade as well.

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    The colour that covers the whole eyelid will be the base. The primer that you put on your eyelids to make it stand out will be the colour of the base. For ordinary makeup, you can choose a highlighting colour which is a lot lighter than the rest of the eye.  However, this is not the case with the drag queen makeup as you need a strong and powerful colour to stand out. For instance, if you are going for grey, go for a solid grey colour instead of a lighter shade. Use an eye shadow brush to apply the base. Start from the bottom of the eye near the eyelashes and move upwards to the eyebrows.

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    Crease & lining the lower lid

    Start creating the crease from the inner brow bone. Initially, you should make the crease very light to give it a natural look. You can darken it when you reach the outer end of the eye. Once you have made the crease, you will have to add another colour into the lower lid (between the crease and eyelash) to create some depth. However, do ensure that this colour complements the base colour. Use an eye shadow brush to blend the colours nicely. If the colours are blended nicely, they will look more natural.

    Now apply an eyeliner and mascara to give finishing touches to your drag queen makeup.

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