How to Apply for a VA Loan

A VA loan is the loan for home purchase by an active military service personnel and qualified veteran sanctioned through the US department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The process of applying for a veteran loan is not difficult one, if you meet the basic eligibility criteria. By filling out the VA form and submitting to the VA department, you can determine if you qualify for the loan facility and then choose the home you want to buy and get it financed.


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    VA Eligibility Certificate

    You will need to have a certificate of eligibility to apply for the VA loan facility. For this you will have to fill out the form 26-1880 and include all required documents. If you are discharged, attach the discharged document along with application and submit to the VA department. They will issue a certificate of eligibility, which can help you apply for the loan.

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    Decide Use of Loan

    Next step is for you to decide what you need the loan for. You can buy a new house or refurbish an old one with installation of energy efficient equipment, For example, you can use green energy resources for your house needs of electricity. You can also apply for VA loan if you are planning to refinance an existing home loan facility. You will have to state the motive of seeking the loan clearly in your application form.

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    Choose Lender

    Not every lender is part of the VA home loan program, so you will need to check the list of the lenders who are a part of it. Select any one lender and inquire some details before making the application formally.

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    Submit Application

    After fulfilling basic criteria, you can fill out an application form carefully and submit it with the lender with all documents attached. It is possible that an adviser from the lending agency discusses the loan facility related matters with you in person. It can be related to any document and might cause you some inconvenience. You should nevertheless be mentally prepared for it.

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