How to Apply Makeup for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is all about showing off. So, whenever you prepare yourself for this particular traditional event, wear as flashy a makeup as possible. At the same time though, nobody can afford looking like a joker.

Since the Mardi Gras makeup is a creative activity, you can use different shiny colours and shades. Most of the people hide their identity by using special masks, but some of them imply different makeup techniques to generate a unique look.

You just need to learn a few basic makeup techniques to make different Mardi Gras looks. Some simple things that you need are: Stencils, Water, Hair stylist, Paintbrush, Face painting books, Face paint, Glitter dust, Makeup sponge and Powder brush.


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    There is no need to use a lot of money for the Mardi Gras makeup. Go to the local costume store and buy a simple face paint kit.

    Too many experiments are not recommended. You are supposed to stick with the basic colours, because you can create desired shades by combining different colours.

    Only buy water-based paints. Otherwise, you will find it very difficult to remove the colours from your face.

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    The most crucial step is dabbing the face gently. Use only a single colour, such as white, green, purple or gold. For this, you need a makeup sponge which you can easily get from the local beauty-supply store. The trick is really simple. Dip the sponge in water before dipping it in the paint.

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    It is the time to work on the eye areas and around the rim of your face. With the help of a fine paintbrush, create graphic designs on your face.

    By painting a series of coloured diamonds around your eyes, you can easily create a court jester look. Also work on a symmetrical look by painting areas around your eye.

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    The next step is using face-painting stencils. Gently draw clear lines by using the popular ones, such as musical notes, stars, diamonds, crescent moons and hearts.

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    Give a shiny bright colour to your lips. The bright red lipstick is ideal to create a harlequin look. To add shine to your eyes, use only glitter eyeliner.

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    The use of glitter dust is also very important. White and gold are the most appropriate colours for this. Apply the glitter dust gently with the help of a thick powder brush, making sure you don’t press it hard.

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    You can add hair extensions for an exciting look. To a sparkling hairstyle, you can use glitter hairspray.

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