How to Apply Rouge Powder

If you are going for a clean and easy makeup look, you cannot ignore rouge, or you can also call it blush if you want. It is used to accent your cheekbones and it is also very helpful if you want weaver to look healthy and youthful.

However, applying rouge is not as easy as it appears and there are certain things that should not be ignored while applying rouge powder. There are several ways to do that but pick up the one that is more suited to your face structure.

Things Required:

– Oil-free moisturizer
– Facial tissue
– Makeup primer
– Foundation
– Makeup wedge
– Camouflaging concealer
– Translucent or finishing powder
– Blush Mid-size fluffy blush brush (optional)


  • 1

    Before you kick-start the process of applying rouge powder, you need to lightly pinch your cheeks. This will allow you to pick the right shade that resembles your natural colour the most. This step is very important because not two persons can have same type of skin and you need to select the right rouge powder keeping this fact in mind.

  • 2

    Once you have the rouge powder with you, pick your blush brush and dip it into the rouge. After dipping, blow off excessive powder if any and make sure that you blow it off lightly because you don’t want to blow off all the powder.

  • 3

    On the apples of the cheeks, work your blush brush in a circular motion while applying rouge powder. Make sure that you use circular motion here because this will give a more natural look to your face.

  • 4

    On temples that are kind of parallel to your brow line, sweep the brush in order to apply rouge powder there. Make sure that you apply rouge evenly or else it can give a very bad look.

  • 5

    In order to remove any noticeable makeup line on your face, do not forget to blend the rouge up and outward. This will allow you to even the makeup on your face giving you the look you are looking for.

  • 6

    Next, you need to move towards your ears. To create an illusion of a wider and bigger face, you can spread rouge towards the ears. This step is optional and you can also choose to skip this step if you want. If you want to smudge or blur your makeup, it is advised that you use your fingers to do that.

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