How to Appreciate Vodou as a Religion

Vodou is widely practiced religion in Haiti and it is a syncretic religion. It is based on different beliefs with Catholicism including West and Central African beliefs. It is a monotheistic religion and has a slightly complex belief of God. According to their belief, they believe in different kinds of spirits which they called Loa. Every Loa is fully responsible of each aspect of life along with different dynamic changes. To show their devotion towards religion, the Vodou people cultivate and give different kinds of offerings from devotional objects to ceremonies of music.


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    Vodou is not pagan sect

    You need to understand that Vodou is not a sect but is a complete religion and has its own God. Haitians and Vodou believers believe is one omnipotent God which is “Bon Dieu” (the Good God).

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    Learning difference between a Loa and a God

    You also need to learn and understand the difference between Loa and God. As other experts on religion believe that Loa is different than God in Vodou religion but at the same time you also need to understand that Loa is more likely a type of saint.

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    Understanding female figures

    You should also need to understand the female figures in Haitian Vodou religion. Some say that Ezili Dantor and Ezili Freda are equivalent to Virgin Mary like in Christianity. Both characters need to be understood fully before you discuss any details regarding them.

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    Learning the significance of the rainbow

    Learning the significance of the rainbow is also very important to understand the Haitian Vodou religion. The rainbow has extreme significance in Haitian Vodou religion. They say that rainbow is the serpent of the Goddess. The relation starts from Ayida who married a God serpent whose name was Dambala.

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    Cultural importance of this religion

    Cultural importance is very high in this religion. You should understand that Vodou is not just a religion practiced by a few thousands of Haitians but you also need to understand the whole impact of this religion on the local society.

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