How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Living room is one of the most important places in our lives as we spend most of our time there. Everyone wants his/her living room to be extremely comfortable so that we can refresh ourselves after a tiring routine. We choose room size, lighting and colours of walls according to our preferences, which vary from person to person. Arranging the living room is a complete art in itself as it plays a huge role in its outlook. People, who can afford, hire the services of interior designers to arrange their living rooms.

However, if you have the sense to arrange your living room properly, you can save some money and room space as well. Furniture is among the most important things in a room. People, who do not care too much about their living rooms, do not arrange the furniture well, which makes the living room look too empty or too small. However, by taking small things into account, you can make full use of the room space and make it more appealing.


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    A good sofa can make your room look extremely presentable. If you can afford it, go for a designer sofa to add value to your living room. Have a couple of plush sofas with complementary shades and place them perpendicular to one another, so that two people can sit comfortably and chat.

    You can divide your living room in two parts by arranging two sofas back-to-back in the middle. In order to create a quiet reading area, you should place tables and reading lamps on either side of the sofas.

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    If possible, go for freestanding, multi-purpose furniture. People have been traditionally using banquettes to make their living rooms more elegant. It is a small bench-like seat, which can be placed right up against the wall. Make the banquette even more attractive by tossing in some small pillows. Cocktail tables and stone tops of different shapes can also be used, if you want them around the banquette.

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    Personal details & lighting

    A living room is your own small world. You can add value to your room by paying attention to your personal details. Have a nice wooden shelf, which can be used for books or photographs. There are certain little things which makes a person happy. Think deeply and add such accessories to your room, according to your own comfort.

    You must give appropriate importance to the lighting of the room as well because it plays a huge role in the final appearance.

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