How to Attach Caster Wheels to Furniture

Large pieces of furniture can easily be moved from one place to another in a house, office, etc, if casters are attached to their bottoms. Casters are mainly used in chairs, trolleys, and other furniture parts that need movements on consistent basis. For instance, if you have a chair with caster in office, then you will have more flexibility to move in your cabin without standing from it.

However, with the passage of time, you will find it difficult to move the chair or any other furniture part, after the casters stop working. That is the time when you need to attach new casters to you furniture, in order to make it usable again. Usually, it becomes really hard to repair or add anything to the furniture, for a layman. However, attaching the casters to the furniture is something that anyone can do it without any difficulty.


– Caster set

– Sandpaper

– Drill

– Wood glue

– Screwdriver


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    Take the piece of furniture that needs casters to be attached. Place it in a way that you can see and access the point where you have to attach new casters.

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    Using a large flathead screwdriver, remove the old casters from the bottom of the furniture. You can do it by putting the screwdriver between the base of the old caster and the base of the furniture where caster is attached. Now twist the screw driver, which will loosen the grip of the caster.

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    Now you can use your both hands to remove the old caster from the furniture. Then clean out any dust or other particles on the base of the furniture.

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    Visit a nearby office furniture supply store and buy a set of casters to be attached. Make sure you buy the same, or a similar set of casters. If the casters are not exactly same in design, make sure their base is equal to the diameter of the old caster. It will allow you to attach the new casters easily, without any problem. Otherwise, you may have to visit the store once again, if the new one does not fit on your furniture.

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    Now drill, if needed, in the bottom of the furniture, where you will inset the shaft of the caster. Make sure the hole is a bit tighter than the circumference of the shaft.

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    Now put some wood glue into the hole and insert the shaft of the caster into the hole. Allow the glue to dry before using the furniture.

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