How to Attract Helpful Animals to Your Garden

A garden looks lively and thrives well when it is inhabited by birds and insects who are beneficial for it. It is not just the flowers and the plants which make it it a perfect garden. It is how the natural organisms come in play together in perfect harmony. Helpful animals not only make your garden look closer to nature, they also do a lot of chores for you like clearing off pests and feeding on dried vegetation. If you have been unable to attract such animals to your garden till now, our step by step guide is here with some tips that are going to lure them over to your place in no time.


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    Birds are not only fun to watch and add to the colors of the garden, but they eat insects and pests and do the work for you. Plant trees especially fruit trees to encourage birds. Set up a small bird bath and keep out a food tray with grains or any other edible for birds. You can also plant sunflowers in a part of the garden. Birds love the seeds.

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    Bees do the job of a pollinator really well and are quite helpful in strengthening flowers and plants. If you are a honey collector, a good population of bees is what you need. Bees love flowering plants especially Lavender. So you know what to do.

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    They look so mesmerizing and beautiful with their vibrant wings, fluttering around. A garden without butterflies is surely an empty one. Plant buddleia, the butterfly bush to attract them.

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    Frogs and lizards feed on slugs and other insects, protecting your plants. Make a small pond for them or a clean water stream to encourage their growth. Lizards do the same job well and need shelter behind rocks and corners. So you know what to add to the garden if the insects have overpopulated it.

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    These tiny creatures do a handsome amount of work. They aerate the soil by moving through it and making water retention abilities better. Leave some organic matter in your soil to encourage earthworms. Leaving the leaves  decompose in their natural surrounding also promotes worms.

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