How to Avoid Becoming a Religious Zealot

Religious zealots, more commonly known as religious fanatics, are a serious threat to peace and harmony in a society. Such people are convinced that their beliefs are right, while the beliefs of other people are trash. As a result, the religious zealot become intolerant towards difference of opinion and consequently makes life a living hell for those who do not agree with their beliefs.

If you feel that your tolerance level is going down and are gradually transforming into a religious zealot, start flushing the extremism and intolerance out of your system immediately and learn to love and respect others irrespective of whom or how they worship.


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    Learn to respect every religion. You have no right to pass judgement on other religions and criticise them while expecting others to respect your beliefs. Every religion has some things that can be regarded as really good by people of other faiths and some things that come off as disturbing to them. You need to keep in mind that just like you do not understand some of the things that people belonging to other religions believe in, there are bound to be certain things in your boundary which they do not clearly understand and therefore condemn. Hating their beliefs will only attract hatred towards your beliefs.

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    Do not make threatening remarks to people believers of other religions. You will be nothing short of a criminal if you threaten to inflict harm to someone just because they believe differently than you or worship a god differently than you. If you do not like what they think or say, move away from them instead of standing your ground and using force or threats to communicate your disagreement with them.

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    Try to learn the teachings of other religions instead of dismissing their beliefs immediately. You will not be able to know just how similar those religions are to yours unless you understand what they have to say.

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    Do not try to impose your beliefs on others. Learn to respect the freedom of others. People can choose to follow whatever religion they like. Do not try to dictate to them how they should live their life as that would make you look really absurd and make you a fanatic. If you believe that it is okay to force others to follow the practices of your religion, then mentally prepare yourself to find people belong to the same faith as you being forced to change their beliefs by followers of other religion. Remember, what goes around comes around.

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