How to Avoid Becoming a Scary Movie Victim

I am sure very few of you will need this in their life but who knows what life has for you in the coming days. Survival is the basic instinct of mankind and no one will be ready to become a scary movie victim.
Most of us take scary movies as comic films and laugh at the horrifying scenes. I don’t blame anyone as most scary movies follow a stupid pattern but anyone can be the unfortunate one who will have to avoid being a tragic example.

You can save your life by following some simple directions and remember I share not to scare.


  • 1

    Prepare yourself:

    First and the foremost thing is that you must be mentally strong. Just imagine the worst scenario and this will really help you to be prepared for any unfortunate situation. Moreover, you will be able to control your nerves and act quickly in ill-fated times.

  • 2

    Stay Indoors:

    If you are alone at home then close all the doors properly and double check their locks. Make sure that the room where you are going to stay in is clear and safe. You can avoid an intruder if you have blocked all the entry points.

  • 3

    Keep lights on:

    After locking the doors, you should try to stay awake and do everything possible. Keep the lights on, play some music or watch some movie, of course not a scary one.

  • 4

    Stay close to telephone:

    You must ensure that the land-line phone or mobile phone is somewhere around you so that you can call for help in case of any trouble.

  • 5

    Find a good hiding place:

    If you find yourself in a situation where you are about to become a scary movie victim, do not waste time in negating yourself and find a non-obvious hiding place.

  • 6

    Stay away from remote places:

    If you are outside then stay away from suspicious and empty places. Avoid isolated warehouses, dark sheds, barns and try to move with a crowd or at least have someone with you on your mobile phone.

  • 7

    Do not be alone:

    You must remember that strength lies in numbers in this case so do not split up. Stick with your friends otherwise you will be an ideal target. Similarly, be cooperative and help others to stay away from trouble.

  • 8

    Be resilient:

    Even if you have been captured, do not surrender and be resilient. Kick the fear out of your mind and take action to hit back.

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