How to Avoid Being Bossy

No one, really, no one likes bossy people. If you often find yourself wondering why you have no real friends, or why your colleagues hate you, why your family members do not want to share things with you or why people in general try not to initiate a conversation with you or take your opinion on things, you may want to consider the possibility that you are a bossy person. You want to change you say? Well, be sure first, because the road to change is hard, long and requires patience a person of your temperament may not have. You will have to make sacrifices on the way, the most important of which will be adopting the ridiculous belief that the world actually does not revolve around you.


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    Do your own work

    If you have made your mind and are serious about trying to not be bossy, you are on the right track. When you wake up the next morning, resist the impulse to have your things brought to you by others. Get up, just like most people do, and do your own work yourself. This will get you in the right frame of mind for what is to come next.

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    Greet everyone you meet

    Now that you are set to go out in the world, you should start your day on a bright note. Greet everyone you meet and be polite. If you are incapable of politeness, at least try – it will get better with time. Greeting people shows them that you don’t just care for yourself and are a nice person to know.

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    Listen to people

    No matter what you do and where you work, it is likely that you have other people around. You need to start listening to them, and not just pretending to listen, but actually listen. Properly listening to people will help you realize that others actually have lives too and go through a lot of problems similar to yours.

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    You are not always right

    This is very important, you need to remember that we all make mistakes and that even the best of us can be wrong. You are not always right! Even if it may appear to be the case, it is not. Other people can be right too and it does not belittle you to concede when you are not.

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    Be open to disagreement

    You don’t want to impose yourself on people. Be open to criticism and disagreements. People have rights and opinions (regardless of what you believe) which need to be respected. What may seem right to you may not seem so to another. You need to be open and accepting of the fact that we are all different and have our own ways.

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    Be happy

    Once you start following the steps above, you should start to notice a change in the behaviors of people around you. Enjoy healthy relationships with people without wanting to control every aspect of their lives. Be happy.

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