How To Avoid Brittle Breaking Fingernails

With extensive research being done in the field of health sciences, we are exploring new things about our health almost on a daily basis. We now are much more aware than our counterparts a few decades ago and better understand the reason for certain health issues and their remedies.

However, with our busy work schedules, we are unable to take good care of ourselves. We do not look after the health of our bodies well enough. One of the ignored parts of our body is the nails. Although we do not like the dry and brittle nails that get stuck into rough surface and sometimes breakaway, we seldom do anything to correct the problem.

It is actually not a big deal and issues such as this can be fixed with the help of a slight change in life style which does help us with other health related issues as well. All it needs is a bit of consistency and you will be bidding adieu to the brittle breaking nails.


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    One of the reasons behind the brittle nails is dehydration of the body. Medical professionals recommend at least two liters of water every day, which is eight 250ml glasses of water. However, it is a good idea if you can drink more than that as our kidneys can process much more and it helps our health in general as well. With re-hydration, the dryness of the nails is likely to be less if not eliminated altogether.

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    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is quickly becoming the poster boy of vitamins as we discover more health benefits related with it. It is very good for the skin and nails as well. Make sure that you take the suggested dose of Vitamin C every day to ensure that your nails do not get brittle and your health in general remains well.

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    Avoid Nail Polish

    This one is obviously for the ladies. Try to avoid using nail polish and wear it only when it is necessary. Overuse of nail polish damages the nails and can be a cause of brittle nails. The nail polish removers have acetone in them which further dry the nails and complicate the issue.

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    Stop Biting Nails

    If you have the habit of nail biting, quit it right away. Not only does it look bad and makes your nails look like abstract art, it also is a cause of damage to them and in turn causing them to get brittle. Avoid this habit and get healthier.

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