How to Be a Giver Not a Taker

Life is all about giving, not taking. No matter it is time, money, love, kindness or any other thing, its better to be on the giving side. If you do that, you will be able to receive all the happiness in life you can ever imagine.

Sometimes we think of our benefits when we get an opportunity of doing something good for a person. We analyse the situation and figure out what we can get out of the entire situation.

If we don’t get any advantage out of the whole scenario, we mostly decide that it’s useless to help the other person. This is not the right way of approaching things, as life is not always about our own benefits.

Whenever we do anything good for others, it is not for them. Instead, it is for our own betterment. It makes us an improved person and we definitely get rewarded for it some way or the other.

Similarly, when we love someone, it should be completely unconditional. We should never demand the other person to love us in the same way, as that would be a selfish approach. If we want anything in return, we better start doing any business, as this rule is not applicable to love.

When a mother looks after her child, she never thinks of what he/she would do to her once she gets old. Her affection does not require anything from us. She just knows how to give love regardless of the fact how the world treats her children.

There are some good people, who do a lot of charity work, but no one even notices them. That is a true example of a giver, who does not want to take anything from others. He/she only intends working for the well being of the society without getting any fame or rewards in return.


  • 1

    Love unconditionally

    To become a giver, you should love mankind unconditionally. Treat everyone equally with affection and realise what life is all about.

  • 2

    Don’t expect anything from others

    It is good not to have expectation from others. The best way of being happy is to give everything to your loved ones, but never ask anything in return from them.

  • 3

    Always be thankful to God

    Another important thing is to be thankful to God for whatever He has given to you in life. Don’t look at others and what they have been blessed with. This will help you to be content with life and you will always look to be a giver rather than taking anything from others.

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