How to Be a Jane Russell Fan

People who achieve so much in their life always have a strong impact on other peoples lives. They inspire them, challenge them and push them to hit the mark. Jane Russell is one of those celebrities whom you can follow as a die-hard fan.

Jane grabbed attention in the late 40’s through some mesmerising and memorable performance in films like “The Outlaw” and “Young Widow”. She was tagged as “the girl with summer-hot lips and winter-cold heart”.

Even after her death, she is still popular and respected as the most influential actress of Hollywood’s early days.


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    What’s so special about her:

    You must not follow others blindly rather try to find out why you should adore her. This will work as a driving force and you won’t be able to stop yourself from doing research about her. In this way, you will be able to find some interesting things about her and ultimately make her your idol.

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    Read books about her:

    There are dozens of books that can tell you about her life, her struggle and the success. There are many websites that have a collection of Jane’s quotes. Visit those websites, join fan pages on social networking sites and eventually you will fall for her.

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    Get her pictures:

    Trust me, you cannot resist the charisma of Jane Russell. If you disagree then try pasting her pictures on the walls of your bedroom. Set the wallpapers in your PC and you will see a significant shift in your likings.

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    Watch her movies:

    Apart from her beauty and persona, Jane was a wonderful artist so you should watch her in movies like “Gentlemen prefer blondes” and “Gentlemen marry brunettes”. Moreover, films like “The outlaw” and “Young widow” will tell you how splendid and attractive she was.

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    Get Inspired:

    As told earlier, Jane was in true sense a women of substance as she not only made her mark on the silver screen but she also became an icon in terms of style and fashion. Try to notice the way she carried herself throughout her life. You will be amazed to see that she was perfect no matter it was film, TV or a fashion photo shoot.

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    Don’t lose grip over your life:

    Having an idol and ideal does not mean that you leave everything behind you and live in the world of fantasy. Try to learn from Jane Russell as she lived a complete family life despite of being a superstar.

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