How to be a Model in London

Media has been a big influence in our lives, from news channels to advertisements; it has left a mark in the minds of everyone. This is both, positive and negative. At the same time, it has opened up avenues for people to explore. Some watch the smartly dressed newscasters and want to become one of them while some want to act. But modeling is one industry that leaves all the others behind in glitz and glamor. Watch a pretty model walking down the red carpet in her elegant attire and you are struck by her goddess like beauty. By following a few easy steps you can be on your way to becoming a model and be one of the gods and goddess dominating the ramp. Here’s how you can be a model in London…


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    The first thing to do is evaluate your standing as far as looks are concerned. Do you think you are ‘pretty/goodlooking’ enough to be a model according to the  stereotyped standards?

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    Once that part is out of the way, then you need to groom yourself and get a portfolio of your pictures made. This is going to be sent to the modeling agencies which, then, may or may not hire you. Visit a reputable grooming saloon and get a nice haircut, ask the make-up artist to apply the necessary make-up for a photo shoot and you are good to go! It would be wise to keep a variety of pictures in different angles and showing your various moods in the portfolio. This will portray your versatility as a model.

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    You can also decide on a theme for your portfolio. Perhaps showing a variety of you in gothic style with the necessary make-up, or maybe showing the hip, ‘punk’ side of you?

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    The next step is to approach the modeling agencies based in London. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t refer back to you the first few times. Most agencies like to go with known faces; however, some also encourage new talent. The key is to be persistent in your endeavor. Following is a list of modeling agencies based in London:

    a) FM Model Agency

    b) Storm Models

    c) Premier Model Management

    d) Nevs Model Agency

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