How to Be a Person People Want To Be Around

If you want to be a person that other people want to be around, there are certain things that you will need to be careful about and certain habits that you need to adopt.


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    Being nice to others will surely want them to spend more time around you. Talking politely and being caring towards others is bound to make them reciprocate with the same gentle attitude. If you are mean or rude to someone, do not expect them to want to talk to you or stay in your presence, not willingly at least.

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    Think before you speak as a human’s tongue is his greatest and most lethal asset. You can either use it to build relationships and associations, or you can use it to break the strongest of bonds and make enemies. It does not take long to think before speaking, so make it a habit. Ask yourself whether the words that you are about to speak will hurt some? Is it worth saying what you are about to say? What possible consequences can there be after you are done speaking?

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    Be yourself when you meet and talk to people. You need to respect who and what you are. Show the real you to people instead of trying to be a copy of someone else. It is okay to get inspired by someone you like or idolise, but imitating them is something that may end up making your personality come off as a bit fake. People can judge after a few interactions whether someone is being genuine or fake.

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    Stop caring about what others think of you. You need to understand that it is impossible for you to make and keep every single person you meet happy. You will always have someone who does not like you very much for some reason. Do not be too bothered about it.

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    Maintain a good posture. Do not slouch as that gives off a very bad impression. Straighten your back and keep your shoulders back as you walk. Do not become too stiff though and try to remain relaxed.

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    Do not be selfish. Nobody likes to be around someone who is only concerned about himself and how he can benefit from others.

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    Try to use your traits to help others around you. If you are smart, try to help others with their homework, or start giving tuition's. If you have an ample knowledge of computers, try to help others, etc.

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