How to Be a Real Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is one of the most popular music video games. It is an exciting game in which player uses a guitar like control. this video game has inspired many budding guitarists and if you also want to model yourself accordingly, this article will take you through an easy step-wise guide.

Things Required:

– Guitar (It is recommended that you get a real guitar rather than pretend to have one)
– Wacky wig
– Fake piercing jewellery (nose ring etc.)
– Leather clothing/ accessory/ accessories (optional)
– Bed frame with floor on it or old mattress
– Small lamps or spotlights (optional)
– Stuffies/ dolls (optional)
– a parent/sibling willing to listen to you play guitar and perform for them (optional)
– friends to play with you (optional)
– iPod with speaker on it or radio


  • 1

    Get a Guitar and Start Learning

    You need to buy a guitar and then learn how to play it. Nowadays it has become very easy to learn guitar. There are countless video tutorials and manuals available on the internet.

  • 2

    Create a Rock-Star Identity

    You need to choose a rock-star name and follow by giving yourself a rolling stone look. You can do this by wearing leather pants, artificial piercing and getting some tattoos. The hairstyle will also play an important role in establishing this identity.

  • 3

    Decorate your guitar

    Decorate your guitar in a funky style - you can do this by painting it or adding stickers.

  • 4

    Learn a song

    After decorating your guitar, learn a cool trendy song.

  • 5

    Make a pretend stage

    Take a bed frame with a bottom or simply take an old mattress in order to make a stage. Get some cheap spotlights to enhance the effect.

  • 6

    Give performance

    Gather your friends if you can and give a spectacular performance. Play the song on your iPod or radio and rock out like crazy. Do whatever you like and tell your friends to do the same.

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