How to Be the Girl All the Bad Guys Want

Attracting the attention of bad guys is desired by many girls. Girls are often observed to have a heart for bad boys, primarily those having a tough appearance. If you are looking to attract tough boys for friendship, then you have to do what they like, wear what they admire and do all the things which can help you get their attention. To be friends with bad guys may appear to be impossible but if you change yourself accordingly, nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dream.

To succeed in your aim, you should repeatedly ask yourself whether you really want this or not. If yes, then you should start listing down the points that you think viable or crucial in the accomplishment of your goal. Remember that, you might find it hard in the beginning but after a while you will find it easy.


  • 1

    First, you should think hard and decide whether you really want this or not. You should consider asking yourself about the suitability and your ability to be with bad guys. Do think about your parents decision on this whether they would allow you or not.

  • 2

    Your clothing should be like a rock chick, wear body fitted t-shirts that make you look sexy. Try wearing red or black high heel shoes. Be wise while choosing the colours of your clothing and try to look as sexy as you can as this will make a significant contribution in attracting attention of the bad boys.

  • 3

    Do not limit your sexiness to your clothes but your hair should be styled the same way, having absolutely straight hair or a little wavy can play a significant role here. The colour tone of your hair should be natural or very close to natural.

  • 4

    While doing makeup, you should keep in mind that giving a natural look is mandatory. Take care of your skin and your face should look fresh. You should not look tired at all and be wise while choosing the colour of your lipsticks.

  • 5

    Keep piercing to the minimum level. Remember that too much of piercing looks horrible and bad guys are not attracted at all by this.

  • 6

    You should look confident and shake your hips while walking.

  • 7

    Your aim should be to attract the guys with motorbikes. Target the one with considerably long hair and wearing chains.

  • 8

    If they are not attracted to you, be confident and try to do a little flirting to gain his attention.

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