How to Become a Better Linebacker

Linebacker is an important position in American football. The main job of a linebacker is to purvey additional pass protection or run protection. A keen football player can learn to be a linebacker. This will require him to develop multiple skills such as running, movements, strong hands, alignment and stance. It requires to have a strong physique and hard training to become a good linebacker. In addition to the football focused training, playing basketball and handball also helps.


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    Focused Training

    Just imagine the entire situation including the position of the linebacker where he stands, and do the focused training. Taking each step as if you are playing in a real game can develop your skills quickly. Remember, you have to work on each part of the training on its merit. A linebacker cannot focus one area more and ignore others.

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    Physical Build-up

    In addition to the game training you also need to work on your physique. You need to be physically strong to be a good linebacker. A well planned training regimen can help you achieve encouraging results quickly.

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    Run Up Zone Training

    Set up a zone run up training. This will help you to develop your skills to how quickly you can get into your zone. If you are too slow to get back into your zone, you cannot effectively perform your role as a linebacker.

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    Helmet To Connect Ball

    Learn how you should connect your helmet with the ball during a tackle. Know which player is running the ball and then keeping your head up connect the ball with helmet. This is an effective way of tackling, and you avoid yourself getting injured. A hard hit with helmet can force a fumble.

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    Basketball and Handball

    Linebackers often play basketball and handball regularly. This will help you develop your movements back and forth and side by side. Running back and forth is one of the crucial jobs of a linebacker and these sports help him in his rhythm and conditioning.

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    You will also need to work on your endurance to last longer in the game. You are required to make quick movements, and this can get you tired quickly. The only solution to this is to develop your endurance by doing focused exercises.

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    Do Homework Before Games

    A right way to get good results in each game is to do your homework thoroughly. This means you should watch videos of each game and see who is up against you, and then gradually work out a game plan.

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