How to Become a Crisis Worker

In today’s world, it appears that a crisis is always just around the corner. It is an unfortunate reality that we all must accept and live with and perhaps prepare for as well. Crisis can be of all kinds, financial, social, one caused by a natural catastrophe and what not.

The governments and private organisations now understand that the only way to deal with this crisis is to prepare for them and have all the infrastructure and man power in place to deal with one when it occurs.

It has become a career for many and it is growing as an industry. One can get a job as a crisis worker and make a living for himself or herself but there is, like any other job, a procedure in place to do so.


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    Know If It Is for You

    It is not an easy job by any means; you can be dealing with a major road accident or taking care of earthquake survivors at the other end of the world. These people are traumatised and need your help. Be sure that you can take that kind of stress and can deal with people dying in front of you. Are you able to see blood spilling or spilled all around you. You must have strong nerves to enter the profession.

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    You must have a master’s degree in the required fields such as psychology, counselling or social work. You will be required to provide counselling to people who have suffered from any kind of severe trauma off late and need someone to comfort them and take them out of this situation. Your education will be of much help in this regard to these people under duress.

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    While you educate, you will also need to get training. You can get associated with an organisation that provides these services to those in need and volunteer with them to understand the working in the field. You can possibly start with programs that provide care to children and start learning from there.

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    Choose Field

    As a crisis worker, you can work in various fields pertaining to crisis management. This can be field work where you counsel those who are in shock of a trauma that they have recently suffered. You can also opt for jobs with less intensity such as dealing with alcohol abusers or deal with people with suicidal tendencies.

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