How to Become a Roman Catholic Convert

For those wishing to become a Roman Catholic convert, the process is quite simple and easy. When changing your religious beliefs, one should think over the decision 100 times prior to actually doing it since it is not a joke at all. This is one major and serious decision a person should take after proper planning and discussion. If you think that being a Roman Catholic is for you and the proper way to live this life and the next, you will have to take part in the process, which is called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, or RCIA for short.


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    Choose the Church

    Being fully religious is not a requirement to becoming a Roman Catholic but what certainly is required is that you begin attending Mass at a church of your choice that will ultimately guide you throughout the process. Being an active member of the Christian community is important in this regard since it will allow you to learn the word of God according to Roman Catholicism. You do not only have to stay with the church you go to for the first time, but may also choose between different ones and choose the one that suits you best.

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    Convey your Message to the Parish Office

    By conveying your message of conversion to the Parish office of the chosen church, they will be able to better guide you and may even have a special class for converts. Speaking with the Priest or Deacon is also extremely helpful for newcomers into the religion as they will be some of the most dedicated and sincere people you may meet to talk to and get rid of any sort of confusions that you may have before converting.

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    Initiate the RCIA Process

    This is the part which will ensure that you become a Roman Catholic convert the right way. A condition before this is that you have committed yourself to actually going through with this and will not pull out half way through the procedure. The RCIA have four main periods during the process like the Catechumenate, Purification, Enlightenment and Mystagogy.

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    Be Baptized

    If you already have not been, you must be baptized by the church in order to be confirmed as a Roman Catholic Christian. You will become a member of the Roman Catholic Church and shall now be known as a Christian belonging to that section for always and the afterlife as well.

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