How to Become a School Photographer

Do you have the passion for photography and you want to pursue it as a profession? Well, if you are committed enough then this profession can really help you in making money. Photographers are needed in wedding ceremonies, professional conferences, educational seminars etc.

If you have love for kids, then becoming a school photographer is your best bet. There is always a lot of happenings in schools and you will be able to make money by utilising your photography skills.

However, becoming a school photographer is not easy as you will have to keep a couple of things in mind.


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    Learn photography:

    Being a school photographer does not mean that you will just grab a camera and do the photo shoot. You must be technically and aesthetically strong. For this purpose, you should take classes and learn the basic principles of photography. The additional benefit of going to a photography school is that you will be able to make some useful contacts in the field. By learning the technicalities involved with professional photography will give you a definite edge over other photographers that might not be properly trained.

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    Get some experience:

    Before starting as an independent photographer, you should assist some professional and learn the tricks of the trade. Contact different photographers and get an assistant’s job. Covering different functions like weddings, seminars and other social events will help you to polish your skills.

  • 3

    Join a group of photographers:

    You should join a club or group of professional photographers. This will not only help you in making contacts but these professionals will also teach you how to develop your own business. Trust me; you will feel a significant change in your approach after having couple of sessions with your seniors.

  • 4

    Cover some school functions:

    You may go with a person who is already a school photographer and see how things go on a school function. You will be able to learn different types of school photography. Moreover, this great hands-on experience will boost your confidence to prove yourself the best man for the job.

  • 5

    Send in a bid for school photography:

    Next thing you need to do is to send your offer to school management. Try to offer them competitive prices and make them believe that no one can do this better than you. Though, it is difficult to convince others but little bit extra effort can yield the favourable results.

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