How to Become an Actress And Model

A number of young girls all over the world want to become an actress and model at the very least. However, in order to achieve this lifelong dream and make it a reality you need talent, determination, training, and luck among other things. A combination of all these things can help you achieve your goal. You need to be prepared and then you will realise your dream becoming nearer with each passing day. Moreover, you also need to have contacts in the acting and modelling world to get work. There are several ways to become an actress and model effectively.


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    Getting started

    Search for a talented acting coach and ask him to give you acting classes. On the other hand, you can also learn the many acting styles from DVDs and books. One such example is that of the Stanislavsky method. Moreover, there are other good resources as well like “Breaking Into Acting for Dummies,” by Larry Garrison and Wallace Wang; and the new edition of “Acting for the Camera,” by Tony Barr. A good coach will teach you all the basics and techniques of acting and how to carry yourself in public or in front of the camera.

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    Join a theatre group

    You can also take your modelling and acting talent to the next level by going to the town. A number of communities provide chances for locals to get involved in theatre projects. As a result of this, see what work you can get by auditioning with various groups. Also keep head shots of yourself with you and make an acting resume. List all of your community theatre work and experience. Mention any other skills that you possess as well. This resume will give a good enough idea to the casting director about your skills and abilities.

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    Find a talent agent

    Set up meetings with talent agents who are looking forward to work with new clients. If you possess certain acting or modelling style, then inquire your friends, family, at your acting class or theatre group for suggestions. Furthermore, if your agent feels you are prepared, he will get auditions for you to go to. You can feel ready by reading the book “Audition: Everything An Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part,” by Michael Shurtleff and Bob Fosse. If you have a successful audition then you can easily start the journey to become an actress and model.

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