How to Become Better Friends with your Mom

Even though most of us simply adore our moms, we often find it hard to stare eye-to-eye, blaming generation gap for this rift between us. However, it is important to value the relationship that we have with the woman who gave birth to us and did a great job of raising us. The best way to do this is by making an effort to become friends with her and then keeping this friendship alive.


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    Spend more time with your mom. As you grow up, you tend to spend more time hanging out with your friends and staying in your room talking to your friends over the phone, using Facebook and Tumblr, or simply watching some film on your computer. This creates a distance between you and your mom. Make an effort to take out more time for her in your everyday routine. Share some of the stuff that you did that day with her, talk on a topic of her interest, discuss your father and siblings with her, etc.

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    Become an active listener. Do not do all the talking. Your mother may have a lot on her mind as well. Let her speak her mind. Ask her about what she did the entire day. She may have something important to discuss with you. Listen to her attentively. Do not start texting or opening your Facebook on your cell-phone. Encourage your mom to keep talking by saying things like “really?” or “so what did you do?” This will let your mother know that you are interested in listening to her.

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    Accept your mom how she is instead of wishing for her to be different. This can prove to be difficult at times, especially when she firmly asks you to do something while you are in the middle of doing something else, something far more interesting. However, do not lose your cool at such times and instead obey her. Do not resent her for taking too much interest in your life and activities. After all, she is your mother and everything that you do is of interest to her as she is concerned about your safety and well-being. Acknowledge and respect this.

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    Help her with the household chores. Just because your mom does not complain about the amount of work she has to do every day to keep the house running smoothly does not mean she is not over-burdened by it. Offer to help her with the household chores whenever you can. Doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, bringing the grocery, etc. are just few of the things that you can relieve her of every once in a while. The time you spend in the kitchen helping her will also serve as an excellent opportunity to chat with her.

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