How To Behave on a Blind Date

To find a perfect woman or man to be your life partner, you may have to face many bumpy rides in the process. One way to find someone you like is to go on a blind date. It may be nerve wrecking experience but it can also be fun and entertaining at the same time. You don’t need to be nervous, simply stay confident and dress well before going.


  • 1

    Take experience from your previous blind dates

    If you had some bad times in your previous blind dates then consider it as an experience. If the date is not going the way you planned you will stay calm and be positive.

  • 2

    Know your date

    You need to know you date. Try asking him or her few questions about their life. Ask why he or she has opted to go on a blind date or what he or she wants from their life. Ask about his or her goals and continue talking.

  • 3

    Make good impression if he or she is the one you were waiting for

    You need to make you best impression if you think he or she is the boy or girl of your dream.

  • 4

    Compliment him or her

    You should give good comments and praise your date if you are interested to make progress in your relationship. You can always give good comments on your date’s smile, eyes or anything you like about him or her.

  • 5

    Be yourself

    Be yourself when you go on a blind date. Remember not to act more funny if you are not or don’t dress trendy if you like dressing simply.

    Note that this person may be your friend’s friend so they may already have asked them about you so simply be yourself.

  • 6

    Be a gentleman

    Walk your date to her ride and continue impressing her. You can also open the door for her and give compliments.

  • 7

    Ask for number

    If you like your date then ask for his or her phone number or house number.

    If you are a girl then show signs to your date so he can ask your number to ask you out again.

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