How to Behave With Women

Human being is a social animal which cannot survive without others and has to interact with each other to live smoothly. Communication looks to be a simple process but it is extremely complicated at the same time. Some of the men find it increasingly hard to interact with women as they are clueless at times to communicate to the opposite gender.

Women are one of the most wonderful creatures of the universe. They play a huge role in our lives in different relations such as a mother, a sister, a wife or a daughter. A woman can give you a sense of completeness and joy. They deserve to be respected and loved and not to be taken as a source of pleasure only. For every gentleman, it is imperative to behave well with women around him. However, many women face enormous difficulties, especially in offices, as we witness a number of harassment cases every single day.


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    Be respectful

    Every woman deserves to be respected by the society. You must be respectful towards women in your family, you work-place and in society in general. Refrain from passing comments on women and not to see them as a sex-toy. Shouting or screaming at women shows an extremely weak character. You should always lend a woman a helping hand whenever she needs it. Every woman likes to be praised so offer her a nice compliment whenever possible and make her feel special.

    Women do not like immature men, who behave childishly at times. Think before you speak and make sure that you do not hurt women by any of your act or words for that matter. Your personality should be such that women should feel comfortable and protective around you.

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    Have a nice sense of humor and be interesting

    Having a nice sense of humor is a must, when communicating with females. Any woman would feel comfortable if you can make her smile or laugh often. Do not go overboard with your jokes as it can have a negative impact as well. Share interesting stuff with your female classmates or colleagues, which is a nice way of gaining their attention.

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    Be original

    Most men make a fatal mistake by trying to pretend what they are not in front of women. A woman can see beyond your behavior so it is recommended that you try to be as natural as you can. Women hate men who are fake.

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