How to Breed a Teacup Yorkie

Yorkies, also known as terrier yorkies maybe small in size  but have a presence of their own. These cute yet so elegant are true show stoppers with the ability to make onlookers fall in love with them at first size. They are on average much smaller than Yorkshire terriers and the small size makes them adorable. You can simply multiply the number of teacup yorkie by breeding them with the opposite sex. However, this does require care and knowledge so that you avoid any sort of genetic defects and that the breed stays true to the yorkie name. Since teacup yorkies are very small size, extra care needs to be taken.


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    Breeding age:

    The average breeding age for a yorkie is eighteen months. A dog younger than this cannot breed because he/she is not mature enough. Check the birth certificate of your yorkie before deciding to breed him because you want to avoid all kinds of complications that can harm your dog.

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    Health check:

    You need to be sure that the Yorkie is healthy enough to breed. Since teacup yorkies are tiny in size, they are vulnerable to many health problems. You can go ahead with the breeding only if they are in the perfect state. Check with a reputed veterinarian. An unhealthy dog will pass on the defect to his/her offspring.

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    Partner up:

    Choose a partner that belongs to the same breed. A partner from any other breed will introduce genetic defects into the race and it will not even remain pure. Search out a teacup yorkie for your dog of the opposite sex.

    Wait for the heat period of the female member. This heat period occurs twice an year and lasts for 21 days. Look out for this heat period by observing the female's physique and temperament. Usually the vulva increases in size and occasionally also has a discharge. During this heat period, let the male and female yorkies be in contact and allow them to mate. To be sure of the pregnancy, make them mate several times. You will only be able to tell if the yorkie is pregnant or not after several weeks. Hopefully if everything goes as planned, you will be the proud owner of a baby yorkie by two months.

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