How to Breed Teddy Bear Hamsters

Teddy bear hamsters are cute creatures and make great pets. You may consider breeding them if you like to have lots of teddy bear hamsters at your home. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to breed them. You just need to know the proper breeding way and within a month; you can have many more than two hamsters.


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    Bring home the male and female teddy bear hamsters that you bought at the pet store and at least for a few days keep them in separate cages. When you think that the hamsters have gotten enough time to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, it is time to start the breeding process.

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    Scoop out the female hamster from its cage using a cup and place it into the male hamster’s cage. There will be some immediate aggression between the two but after a while, things will become normal. Remember to place the female hamster in the male’s cage, do not do it the other way around.

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    When you move the female hamster, check if she stands still in one place with her tail raised and her back arched. These are signs of the female being receptive. If that is the case, stand aside and try not to disturb the hamsters. Very soon, the breeding will start and should last about 20 minutes. However, if the female shows no signs of being receptive, do not leave her in the male hamster’s cage. Return her back to her original cage and try the next day.

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    When the hamsters have mated, properly clean the female hamster’s cage and return her back. Remember that the breeding process has begun. To keep this easy for the female hamster, make sure you provide her with a quiet environment and try not to disturb it too much for the first twelve days. Make sure you feed especially the female hamster regularly with fresh food and clean water.

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    Ideally, the female hamster will lay babies on the thirteenth day. At the start of the twelfth day, make the female hamster’s cage as comfortable as possible. Consider adding extra bedding. Leave extra food on the cage. Fat and proteins contents should be high in the food that you place in the hamster’s cage, so consider carrots, milk, nuts and seeds.

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    It will be another three to four days before the hamster pups open their eyes. Do not clean the cage or touch the newborns until their eyes are open. Water level in the water bottle from which the female hamster drinks may be too high for the newborn hamsters to reach, so make sure you lower it so that the pups can easily drink as well.

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    When properly weaned, it is time to separate male and female hamster pups from each other. Place them in separate clean cages and feed them well to ensure proper growth. Sometimes

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