How to Brush a Dog with a Shedding Blade

Dogs create a hairy mess on clothing, furniture and almost all things near the place where they shed. The best way to avoid this mess is to brush your dog with a shedding blade every now and then. The blade effectively gets rid of dead fur and thus helps to reduce the mess caused when dogs shed. Furthermore, brushing a dog with a shedding blade minimises the possibility of tangles and hair matting, and also keeps the coat of a dog looking glossy.

Things Required:

– Shedding blade


  • 1

    Brush your dog’s coat keeping the shedding blade in a looped position, in the direction in which the fur of the dog grows. If hair of the dog that you are brushing is long, the shedding blade will become full after 10 strokes. At this point, you will need to pull off the hair to clean the shedding blade. Start brushing once again and continue until no more fur comes off of the dog’s coat. This step needs to be performed with the handles of the shedding blade intact, and works best on smaller areas.

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    For large areas on the dog’s coat such as the back and belly, remove the handles from the shedding blade in order to straighten out the blade. Use the straightened blade to brush the dog’s coat in a similar fashion as before. A significant amount of hair will accumulate on the shedding blade shortly. Clean the blade and continue to brush the dog’s fur until no more fur comes off of the dog’s coat.

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    Realise the fact that there is a fair amount of  pulling involved in brushing your dog's coat with a shedding blade. For this reason, it would be a good idea to avoid brushing sensitive areas such as the tail, ears and legs.

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    Finally, bathe the dog, preferably in warm water. While bathing the dog, brush its coat with the  flat side of the shedding blade. There are no teeth on the flat side of the shedding blade, which means you can use that side to wring water from the dog's coat.

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