How to Build a Business Using Paid And Free Content

Content is the backbone of a website or blog, and capitalizing on that – paid or free – is the key to building a successful online business in a market that is getting increasingly customer-driven.

Customers will come to your website through content. So, it is up to you how you make the most of massive flow of content that can help you drive huge traffic and turn visitors into buyers.

Paid content includes advertisement campaigns on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other websites that offer to place an ad on their pages. Paid content is usually text, videos, images and graphics. Importance of paid content cannot be ignored, as most of the businesses and leading websites rely on it to reach a wider audience.

Despite the wonders of paid content, free content has also been able to lure many webmasters and online entrepreneurs. It is observed that such websites can sometimes drive bigger traffic than by using paid content.

Websites can use blogging, article marketing and forums as free content to increase their reputations and boost sales.


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    Paid marketing campaigns

    If you have money to invest, you can try embarking on paid marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords to reach a wider audience. You can use other websites for running featured videos and ads (both text and graphical).

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    Hire content writers for your website

    Ever since Google and other leading search engines made content the biggest factor in determining the search ranking of a website, it has become increasingly important for online entrepreneurs to hire teams of writers who can write content for marketing purposes. The content can then be uploaded on site from time to time. Websites that are regularly updated rank better than those that sit idle (content wise) for months.

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    E-books are a good way to make money and spread the word. However, the strategy often goes awry when customers refuse to pay what it is worth. E-books have worked wonders for some businesses such as websites selling educational material, but the product has not been able to gain enough favour among businesses involved in selling offline items such as electronics, consumer products, B2B, fashion, entertainment, garments etc.

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    Blogging is an effective way to float free content on the Internet. Blogging helps you spread your message free of cost. Hire writers and update your business blog on a regular basis.

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