How to Build a Camping Chuck Box

Apart from carrying cooking gear for camping purposes, chuck boxes can have several other uses at home or your workplace. These sorts of boxes can serve as very good organisers of tools for home improvement and also to keep the fishing supplies. If you want to test your carpenter skills, you can make a chuck box out of wood to carry along with you for a camping trip. You can make a chuck box according to your required dimensions and can carry anything you like along with you in an organised manner.


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    First of all, you need to determine your actual purpose of making the chuck box and what size things you have to put inside it. Most chuck boxes have a work surface which can be used to cut fish, drawers and shelves for flies and hooks. If you have intended to perform any such task, you better know you have to make an appropriate work surface upon your chuck box.

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    Next comes the determination of the size of the chuck box to be made. It simply depends upon the size and volume of items you want to carry along with you for camping. More the equipment you desire to carry, larger the chuck box you have to make.

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    Obtain 1-by-6 or 1-by-8 wooden planks for making the box. Even scrap wood can be used for making the chuck box. You can simply check near a lumber yard for any thrown away scrap wood if you don’t want to spend any bucks on purchasing pine wood.

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    Use a hacksaw to cut the wooden boards according to the size you have determined for the chuck box. Use a pencil to mark the dimensions on the wooden board and cut out the pieces for the top, bottom and sides of the box. You will further need to cut smaller squares to make the shelves within your chuck box.

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    Use a waterproof adhesive to join the sides, top and bottom of the box firmly. You can further attach screws at the inside of the box to make it stronger. The shelves should be placed inside the chuck box in the same manner.

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    Take a small piece of lumber and attach it on top of the lid as a leg. Screw it to the lid of the box with a hinge. When you will open the lid, this leg will allow the inside of the lid to become a small work table for your use.

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