How to Build a Sheet Goods Cart

Sheet good carts are used to move large sheets of plywood or drywall around an area. If you are working around a workshop, the cart can be really helpful for you. Moreover, if you have a business of plywood, then why waste money on buying the good carts when you can build them yourself?

Therefore, learn how to build the cart so that you can use it to transfer plywood or drywall from one place to another.

You will need through bolts, ¾” plywood, kickstand, door hinge, galvanized metal brackets, a kickstand mount and a power screwdriver. Once you have all these things, you are set to make sheet good carts and soon you will be able to transfer plywood and drywall across an area or even across your shop.

The key to building the right cart is to make sure you pay attention to the size of the cart and the size of the available area in your shop.  Down below i have provided a step by step guide on How to Build a Sheet Goods Cart.


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    You first need to know what exactly the sheet good cart does. You should know its exact functions. For starters, you should know that it has a kickstand in order to steady the car during the time it’s standing still. Secondly, it also has a handle attached to the large sheet of plywood and the handle helps to control the cart when you are pushing it. Thirdly, it has two fixed casters which help it move. And lastly, a wooden lip helps in keeping the sheet goods inside the cart so that they do not fall off.

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    Attach casters and lip

    Since now you know what exactly the cart does, it is time for you to build it. Use the four bolts to attach each of the two fixed casters right at the bottom. Try using hard rubber casters as they will help slide the card when turning. Later, screw up the lip which should not be larger than ¾”.

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    Attach bottom

    Now you have to mount the bottom piece of the plywood. The plywood should be cut in such a size that it is perfect enough to handle sheet goods.

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    Build kickstand

    You first need to build a kickstand. Make an L-shaped stop out of wood and you are good to go. Later, attach a door hinge right at the back of it so the kickstand is complete.

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    Attach kickstand

    Once you have completed making the kickstand, attach it to the L-shaped stop using three to four brackets. At the end, attach the kickstand mount to the back of the plywood which you cut perfectly enough to handle the sheets. Now, screw the handle in place.

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