How to Burn a DVD Audio Disc

Music is the food of soul, but it becomes a curse when someone plays what you don’t like. You may have seen many people getting headache after listening to bad music.

Most of the people usually download music these days.  Imagine your favourite songs are in your computer, but you cannot play them in your car. So, the best way is to burn a DVD audio disc, and enjoy the music wherever you want.

This rule applies on all audio files. If you have downloaded audio files, you may need to burn an audio disc to play it in your DVD player. Remember, burning a DVD and CD are two entirely different procedures. Moreover, you need separate devices to play both discs.

Burning a DVD audio disc is not a tough process, but the problem is that it takes plenty of time, depending on the size of your data. If your data is in GB’s, this process may take hours.

Things Required:

– Writable DVD disc
– Computer with DVD burner


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    First of all, make sure your computer has a DVD burning application. If there is none, you can download one online. A few good DVD audio burning softwares are: Roxio Creator, Roxio Toast and Nero BackItUp & Burn. Note these programs are not free. However, Nero offers a free limited-time trial.

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    After getting the required program, click on the ‘Start’ menu, and launch it.

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    Now, insert the DVD in the drive. There must be a dedicated button to open the drive. After placing the DVD, push the button once again to close it.

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    On burning application’s window, look for the button that says "Music DVD". Usually, you will find it on the left, and it looks like a small speaker.

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    Open the folder that has your audio files. Once it is opened, drag the files one by one to the window of your DVD burning software. The program will specify the exact location where to drag the files.

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    Once the dragging is done, look for the red button that says ‘Burn’. Click on the button, and the software will start to burn your audio files on to the DVD audio disc. It may take several minutes.

    Don’t open the DVD drive until the burning is completed. The burning application will eject the drive itself, once the job is done. Do check after every 10 minutes to ensure there is no problem.

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