How to Burn Dreamcast Games to CD

Dreamcast is a game released by video game making company Sega, in 1999. The Dreamcast console can play both the CD-ROM and GD-ROM disk formats. However, Sega stopped supporting the console and the Dreamcast software is no more released by the publishers. Therefore, if you have Dreamcast disks and you want to create back up of them, then you can do it by extracting the disk file to your computer and then burn them to a new disk. You can use WinRar to extract the files to your computer and then using DiscJuggler program to burn them to CD.


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    Insert your game disk in computer and open the Dreamcast software digital archive using the WinRar program. Now locate the “.CDI” file from the list of files in WinRar window. Click on it and click the “Extract All” button from the WinRar main toolbar.

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    Assign the location where you want the files to be extracted and click “OK”. The files will now start extracting to your hard disk. When the process completes, exit the WinRar program.

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    Now launch the DiscJuggler program and select the “New Task” to start creating a new disk. You can find the “New Task” option at the main toolbar of the program.

  • 4

    You will now see different options appearing on your screen. Click the "Burn Disc Images" which will highlight it. Click “OK” to continue.

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    The program will now ask you to select the files which you want to write to the new disk. Locate the extracted ".CDI" file in your computer and click on it. Click the “Open” button and the “.CDI” file will be added to your task.

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    Now click the "Advanced" button, which will allow you to select the burning options. You should click the "Mode" button, which will open a drop-down menu. Here, you need to select “Mode 2”.

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    You will see a various section in the “Advanced Burn Options”. In this section, you should click to check the box right against the "Raw Write" option.

  • 8

    Now take a new CD-R and insert it into the CD-writer drive of your computer. In the DiscJuggler application window, you will see the “Start” button, located in the bottom left corner. Click it and the writing process will start. After the process is completed, you can take out the disk, as the Dreamcast software backup image is burned to the disk.

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