How to Burn Fat With Obstacle Course Workouts

If you are looking to burn excess fat and weight on your body, you should consider making a homemade obstacle course, which is not only fun but an excellent way to burn calories and workout your muscles. Making a homemade obstacle course is not as hard as some of you may think. By following the right procedure, you can easily perform this task. Use the material you already have around your house to build an inexpensive course.

Things Required:

– 2 chairs
– Broom
– Hula hoops
– Tricycle or bicycle
– Plastic cones or shoes
– Jump rope
– Bean bags
– Laundry basket
– Sprinkler


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    Before doing anything else, make sure you have an open field in the backyard of your house. Consider mapping out the backyard into six sections. Each section will be used to create an obstacle. You can either build a course that goes in a circle or finish it at an alternating point. Always make sure that you have enough space for your obstacle course as you want to get a workout using it.

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    The first obstacle can be two chairs placed at a distance from each other. Consider resting a broom on both of the chairs and ask the player to crawl underneath it. This obstacle is not only exciting but also very healthy. Be careful when crawling under the broom as you do not want to hurt your head.

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    Next, place a few hula hoops on the ground. Make sure they are touching and you have sufficient hoops for both feet. It is extremely important to take your time when performing this activity. Rushing to get this job done can result in a disaster for you. The player will be expected to cross this obstacle by jumping over it.

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    Use shoes or mini orange cones to make a zigzag lines as markers. This should be done by placing the orange cones about two feet apart. The player will be expected to weave in and out of these markers either running or cycling.

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    Place a jump rope on the ground and ask the player to run across the rope without losing his balance. If the player loses his balance, he must perform this challenge from the beginning of the rope.

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    Turning on the sprinkler near the finish line will present the final hurdle for the participants. You can have the participants do any sort of physical activity as they go through the sprinklers. This part of your obstacle course will be the finish line as the water will help cool down the participants.

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